Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sydney's 9th Birthday

Sydney chose to have just one friend this year for her birthday party so that they could go get their nails done. It was wierd not to do a party, but they had fun together.

Little Gracie after her family party with her gifts from the family. What a cutie!

Sydney and her friend Lauren Warner after they got their fingernails and toenails painted at the salon.

Tyler and his friend Kellen giving the girls foot massages. I can't remember what the reward was from them, but it must have been good. Go figure. Notice the guns. I guess they went from mafia to massage therapists. Funny kids.

Nauvoo Youth Conference July 28-30, 2011

Brian and I were asked to be Ma and Pa at Youth Conference again this year. Of course we gladly said yes. The youth are the best. We love doing things with them. So this year it was held at Nauvoo and was a great experience. We had 11 kids in our family this year. McKenzie and Andrew both went this year, but were not in our "family". We had a great group of kids and had a blast.

This is out front of the most popular site. The brickyard.

Trying to have fun in the blazing heat. It was miserably hot and we had to just keep telling them that it was worse for the pioneers even though we wanted to go back to the hotel ourselves. Note to self, don't got to Nauvoo in July.

Had to get a picture of McKenzie in here even though she wasn't in our group. We all ate together.

She went with our family one day to do baptisms and see carthage after they messed up her family names at the temple. Here she is at carthage with some friends.

Another family pic outside of the carthage jail.

The Mississippi River where the saints left Nauvoo.

A picture of the whole group of us. What a fun memory. We loved our little "kids".

New addition to the family - Hamsters, July 2011

Just had to put a post about our happy hamsters. Our little kids wanted a pet so bad and we tried the dog thing a few years back that lasted a whole 5 days, so this this time we decided to try hamsters. We made a deal that if Tyler and Sydney both had straight A's at the end of the year that we would get them each a hamster. We should have known better. When they came home with their straight A's, I tried to just offer them the cash that I would have to spend on the hamsters. No luck. So below, you will see the VERY happy kids with their new pets. I have to say, I have grown to like the little rodents.
The happy girl holding her new little furball. She named her little critter Nutmeg.

She felt a little ripped off that she had to use her $2 garage sale cage that she had found and Tyler got the new cage. Hey, it works just great.

Tyler happy as pie with his newest friend Scrappy. If your parents are too cruel to buy you a dog, I guess a hamster will do.

Tyler got the new cage only because we had no luck finding a second used one. Rats.

Our little surprises. Yes, the pet store sold us a pregnant hamster which took us quite by surprise. Brian and I were at a play one night, when we got a text from Allyson telling us Sydney's hamster had 5 babies that looked like little aliens. I thought she was kidding until we got home and sure enough there were 3 little scary looking aliens in the cage. Yes, it was 3 now. They thought she started with 5, but she must have eaten a couple because of the commotion before we got to them. So, we got to keep them for 5 weeks before they were old enough to leave their mommy. We gave one to a neighbor and then promptly took the other two to the pet store and told them they were all theirs. Just a little added bonus to the experience. NOT!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Utah Summer Vacation Part 3

One of the best parts of our trip was our family Freedom Run Race. I had decided to run a 10K and found the Freedom Run in Provo while we were in Utah. I decided I did not want to do it alone, so I forced my whole family to do it with me. It was a blast. Brian and I ran the 10K, Ally, Kenzie and Andrew ran the 5K, and Tyler and Sydney ran the mile. As you can see from this picture, we had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. on the fourth of July, but hey, it was worth it. There was a bit of grumbling about it, but when all was said and done, everyone loved it. We may even try it again.

Go ahead and laugh your head off. Sometimes you take one for the team which is what I had to do to post this pic of the family. I know my hair rocks, so please don't be too jealous. Hee Hee. Everyone else looked so cute I had to post it.

Notice the few extra kids in the picture. Yes, we even recruited cousins to join with us. Eric, Christopher and Daxton were the ones cool enough to join us. You guys are the best.

This picture is provided for the Hamilton side of the family to showcase the "kissin cousins" that they tease us about non-stop. I think they may be a little jealous. "We encourage it!" Hee Hee

Doing the toyota jump after a great finish in the 5K.

Sydney Grace Webb takes second place in her division for her run. She got an awesome glass trophy and was so very excited. She is quite a little runner. You go Sydney.
Me and my boys taking a walk at Greg and Anna's cabin. What a beautiful setting. So peaceful and fun. Thanks for the invite and awesome time at the cabin Greg and Anna.

More shots at the cabin. And more super cute cousins.

Taking a break from picking wildflowers. Is this cute or what?

Eric and Allyson livin it up in the mountains.

I couldn't get this repeat pic to delete. Oh well, I guess its worth the repeat.
Grandma Webb with Sydney and Dad relaxing on the deck of the cabin.
Grandpa Webb enjoying a most delicious lunch.

Now this takes the cake for the "kissin cousins" picture. It actually scared me when I saw them sitting like this. Not because they are cousins, but because I realized how soon this could become a reality with a spouse in place of Eric. WOWZERS!

Little Tyler spent quite a bit of time just sitting on the deck carving his stick. He put some awesome designs on it and made a real work of art.

This was definately my favorite part of the cabin. They brought up this tiny little hot tub and tried to get it running on their front porch. The water was far from hot and look how many kids are piled in, with Eric of course. I laughed so hard. They didn't care, they were in heaven.

Andrew struttin his stuff on the four wheeler.

Tylers turn.

To end another wonderful trip to Utah, I had to add this picture. We seem to always see something amusing on our endless road trips. This was too funny. He must have dropped his load and then strapped down this kids dump truck. Speaking of road trips, I think it's about time some of our wonderful family members decided to create some of their own family memories and brave the road trip out here. Toughen up and get out here to see us. We love you all and had so much fun with everyone. Thanks for making it a great vacation.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Utah Summer Vacation Part 2

One of the great things we got to do when Brian got to Utah was to be there for Natalies baptism. She is such a sweet girl and it was so fun to be a part of a family gathering. Not too often that it happens. Beautiful baptism, beautiful girl.

A little family pic after the baptism. I realize the time is quickly coming where it will not be so easy to get those precious family photos.

What a handsome group of men. Gotta love these guys. They rock.

Add a few more Webb juniors and look how much better the picture looks. It just keeps getting better.

Just chillin with the gang at Greg and Anna's after the baptism. They made a most delicious lunch and it was so fun to just hang out and visit. Thanks guys.

Andrew and his buddy (cousin) Daxton. They were pretty excited to eat this whole watermelon themselves and did not want anyone else to indulge. I have to say it was pretty funny to watch them get so excited about it. What great friends. Cousins are the best!

Dear, sweet Grandma making cookies for all the little munchkins to enjoy.

Tyler gets ripped off on the birthday every year since he would not come any other day than the 4th of July. So, here is our lame attempt at a cake. Ha ha. At least he was with all of his favorite cousins and yes, he did have that awesome cake at home with his airsoft party. Happy 11th Birthday Tyler.

Tyler did get a present on his birthday. And don't forget his own fireworks show!

Utah Summer Vacation Part 1 June22 - July 9

We spent yet another wonderful summer vacation going to Utah to see family and friends. We also went to drop off all of Allyson's college gear for when she went back to start BYU! We had such a great time with everyone. We are so lucky to have such great families. We love you all.

Mom and the kids drove out by ourselves as usual. Dad cannot get that much work off. Here we are at a rest stop along the way looking real good after our many hours in a van. Notice Tyler's stuffed animal on his head. Allyson thought this was about the funniest thing ever. Go figure.

First stop was Grover, Wyoming to see Nate and Laura's families. As you can see we did not even get unpacked before Nate took interest in my boys airsoft guns they brought. I think he took a little too  much interest as you can clearly see. Hee Hee. I have to say he actually deserved this as he told my boys to shoot him from a short distance right after I told him how bad it hurts close up. You have never seen a grown man dance around in pain so much. Ha Ha. Yes, those are all welts.

Here we are out front of Nate and Cindy's house with the van that the kids always have to write on for our long drives.

This is what the kids had been waiting for. Unfortunately, Nate got rid of most of his motorcycles, but that did not stop the kids from having a blast on this baby! Tyler is in heaven.

Andrew taking his turn and making the motorcycle look even smaller.

And of course Sydney Grace who rode it by herself this time.

Sydney with cousin Madison. So cute!

What would a trip to Wyoming be without stopping at the snoasis. Yes, Nate's family runs this every summer. He bought this and fixed it up and you can imagine how popular this is in the booming town of Afton, Wy.

Cousins Landon and Mariah working hard in the Snoasis.

Now if this isn't small town, I don't know what is. Sydney and Maddy sitting in the pool at the Snoasis.

Allyson and McKenzie with Auntie Laura. Looking like hot babes!

Our disabled brother finally comes out of hiding. I told him he would regret this. I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks as I posted this, and I am home alone. Oh Nate! You have always been the odd ball. We love him anyways.

And yes, this is sweet Nate again proudly showing off his chicken coop in his backyard. Only in Grover, Wyoming. He will proudly show you his rather large eggs that bulge out of the egg cartons. They come in all colors and sizes. Hee Hee.

On our way out of Wyoming and off to Utah. This really is a great little town. People think we live in a small town, but I think not. Our little model, McKenzie.

Under the largest elkhorn arch. You have to be on the map for something. I thought this was pretty cool. Notice Tyler is not in the pic. I'm sure he was mad about something. Ha Ha.

We finally arrive in Utah and have dinner at Grandma Hamilton's with Matt and Liz's family. So good to see everyone again. I wonder if we will ever end up back in Zion.

You all know that we of course had to spend time with our BFF's since they now live in Lehi. Just more time to split, but it must be done as they are like our family. We love our Wiricks. We just spent one day with them and got to go to our favorite restaurant, Pei Wei, then spent the day at Park City.

Little Lovers in Park City.

Greg, Christy and Me as we wander through the streets of Park City.

The three Amigos getting ready to ride the Alpine Slide. This was pretty darn fun, even if we did look like fools.




Julia! What a fun day. Thanks to Grandma Hamilton for taking care of our sick kids who were throwing up. It never fails, we got sick again in Utah. What is it with this place.